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Firework Firework
Category: Games / Arcade
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Do you like fruit cutting? Let’s blow up stars and enjoy by fireworks! Blow up as much falling stars as possible but don’t think that it is too easy – sky balloons and clouds are protecting them from you.

The main goal of Firework is to get pleasure by watching fireworks as long as possible and to blow up falling stars as much as you can, of course. It has the same principle of action as all arcade game when you get falling stars with rising speed and the same kind of gestures as in some “ninja” game - tap on falling stars or swipe your fingers across the screen in order to blow up a group of stars. The realistic sounds of fireworks and nice music together with bright pictures will give you sense of pleasure as on the real firework show.


  • works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • you may share your best scores with your friends on the Game Center
  • Leaderboards are separated for iPhone and iPad users

By the way, the Firework Arcade is very attractive for kids. If you would like to get a recreation hour – give the Firework to your kid and enjoy by relax (proved by practice).

Download game for iPhone and iPad for free now!

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