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Paint Fighter Paint Fighter
Category: Games / Puzzle
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Paint Fighter is an incredibly attractive puzzle game with strategic elements.

You have a round of 10 fights with ruthless automat or your favourite opponent for a territory of painted cells. You start from bottom left corner of territory and rush to the attack for cells towards your enemy. The first who takes more than a half of cells will become a winner of the fight.

Each new fight is harder than previous – more colors or more cells on the territory. In case of battle against the intelligent machine you can move ahead after win of fight only. All fights are randomly generated so there is no one similar combat!

Paints are your weapons in fight. Each turn you can repaint your cells to the new color and all cells with the same color which connected with your ones will become yours. Flood the territory by your color!

You don’t need to be hurry. Paint Fighter is more step-by-step strategy than pursuit. Your have as much time as you wish but think as a military strategist – intelligent machine doesn’t forgive you mistakes!


  • works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • the biggest territory of the screen among all analogues
  • from 5 colors and 99 cells on the start to 8 colors and 1824 cells at the last fight on iPhone and up to 10904 cells on iPad
  • 10 absolutely randomly generated fights in the round
  • fierce battle against the intelligent machine or tournament with human opponent
  • choice of a favourite level for play without round
  • rich colors and rich style of game appearance

Download game for iPhone and iPad for free now!

Paint Fighter was added to the list of the Free Cube Puzzle Games

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