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Crazy mix of acrade and puzzle game. Download for iOS for free now! Shuffle Battle Shuffle Battle
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Crazy mix of acrade and puzzle game. Download for Android for free now!

Shuffle Battle is a new life for the famous “15 Puzzle” game in the super mix of emoji and “find a pair” against the clock. A true time killer if you are into this kind of thing.

Generations of gamers, addicted to the simplisity of “15 Puzzle”, have been upset that this puzzle was too quick to end. Shuffle Battle is adding a new level of fun, and not with old-fashioned numbers but with the new communication language Emoji.

It is not that easy to find in the kaleidoscope of emojis three, two or even one pair of matching emojis, move them towards each other and shift one upon another to get another couple on their places. And all of that for the time, which a witch allocates. Yep! You have to fight the witch, who is literally shuffling all you movements strategy back to the chaos. Her scoffing laugh, especially for the moment when you have almost done that, will stick in you head for a pretty long time!

The Game becomes harder and harder with every new emoji theme, the given time becomes shorter, until you miss to match a pair during these several seconds and lose one “life”. You will get three magic potion bottles to fix your “health” (there are more in shop if you are desperate).

Match all 1500+ pairs of emojis - and you are winner!
By the way, have you ever seen them all?

Download game for iOS or Android for free now!

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